Experience the Nexedge Difference

Greater Coverage
Plass Communications is proud to be part of the Kenwood Nexedge digital radio communication network, the next generation in radio communication. Nexedge-capable radios search for, and automatically switch to, the strongest Nexedge system signal. This allows multiple sites within our system to work together, providing you seamless coverage and keeping you in touch throughout the entire network. In addition, Nexedge offers multi-dealer roaming network coverage to keep you in touch while you're out of the area. Nexedge is ideal for providing coverage to areas where signal strength is low or void with analog radio. Contact us for more information on Nexedge and how going digital can increase your efficiency.
Digital Clarity & Better Battery Life
Nexedge provides digital clarity communications to enhance every conversation. Portable Nexedge-capable radios provide noise canceling features to keep your messages loud and clear. Battery life is greatly enhanced with Nexedge radios, providing 40% longer talk times between charges.
Enhanced Privacy
We understand the importance of privacy in inner-company communications, a feature that Nexedge supports. Digital radio with optional scrambling feature keeps your conversations confidential and secure within your talk group.
Plass Communications