Full-Range Radio Communication & Care Services

Radio Communication System Use
Every organization has specific communication needs to fit their line of work, pace, geographic location, size and talk patterns. Plass Communications offers a variety of different radio communication systems to fit your individual requirements. 9 mountaintop radio repeater sites provide coverage in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Whether you are looking for a talk-around setup, a trans-Basin network or something else, Plass Communications can provide a solution for you. Contact us to find out which system works best for you.
Radio Repair
When your radios work as hard as you do, they sometimes need a little tuneup to stay in tip-top shape. Plass Communications provides full radio repair services in order to keep your communication fleet working properly. Loaner radio options are available to keep your communications in-sync while repairs are being made. In addition to repairs, Plass Communications carries all the replacement parts and accessories that you may need throughout the lifetime of your radio equipment.
Radio Installation
Staying in touch with your crew is only an armslength away with the convenience of an installed mobile radio. Plass Communications offers complete radio installation services for vehicles, farm equipment, offices and more. Each installation can be customized to your specifications in order to best fit your needs. Plass Communications' professional approach to each installation ensures high-quality, durability and reliability of mobile radio communication.
Special Radio Project Design and Implementation
Sometimes the best solution for your communication needs is a custom design. Plass Communications has created special radio alarms and communication setups with irrigation districts, schools, nurseries and more. If you have a special situation that requires radio usage, contact us. We can help find the right solution for your needs.
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