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Serving Southern Oregon and Northern California, Plass Communications is the leading authority on two-way radio communication systems, sales and services. Family-owned and locally operated for over 50 years, we provide two-way radio communication solutions for the farmers, ranchers, business owners, schools, and organizations of the Klamath Basin and surrounding areas.

At Plass Communications, we believe that clear, concise communication is key to productivity in the workplace. Two-way radio communication is the most effective and efficient method of keeping your company or crew connected. With a one-to-many message delivery process, two-way radios allow you to speak once and provide a message to everyone on your crew or in your company.

With two-way radios, you can say goodbye to dropped calls, poor reception, multiple calls to many employees and hours of wasted time. We specialize in streamlining your inner-company communications in order to maximize your productivity.

As the local community has supported our business over the years, we have been able to grow and improve the service we provide. This is an example of local community supporting each other to benefit the community as a whole. We are grateful to those who have put their trust in us and supported our endeavors as we have grown and progressed along the way. Thank you.

Recent News

The Nexedge Difference
Plass Communications is proud to offer Nexedge, a brand-new digital two-way radio communication network. Enjoy all the efficiency of a traditional two-way radio network plus the benefits of digital clarity, enhanced security, extended coverage and paging operatons.
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Popular Radio Options
Whether you are looking for a portable option or a mobile installation, Plass Communications can find the right solution for your communication needs. Learn more about popular models online and contact us for more information.
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Family Owned and Operated for 50 Years
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